About Us

Ogwal Isaac and Team are dedicated to helping teachers and students progressively learn, develop and update their skills in the area of Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

Our goal

This website has been designed with the aim of helping ICT teachers and the learners have access to learning materials so that they can acquire knowledge and skills in ICT.

Our goal is to ensure that all students and teachers learn and acquire skills in ICT and; promoting integration of ICT in teaching and learning in schools.

Our support

We support ICT teachers and students in Uganda - particularly in the Luweero Diocese to learn ICT skills. We conduct workshops and seminars for the teachers; engage students in constructive hands-on competitions such as typing. This support is offered to about 28 secondary schools in the Diocese.

Our learning tutorials

We create learning videos for our learners and teachers. All tutorials are intentionally made to meet a goal that all individuals can ably acquire skills and advance further with this education. These tutorials also made in line with the curriculum.

Our online lessons

We also have online workshops (using video conference platforms) to bring our teachers on board. We as well encourage our teachers to introduce students on the use of these online platforms.

Meet our TEAM

                          Ogwal Isaac

Ogwal Isaac is a Ugandan educationist facilitating teaching and learning in Uganda. Ogwal Isaac is a curriculum specialist and education planner holding Masters Degree in Educational Planning and Curriculum Studies.

He holds Bachelor Degree of Education, Diploma in Institutional Administration and Management and Diploma in Computer Science with Education.

He is passionate about using visual and audio media in teaching and learning and also promoting use of technology and innovation in education.

Reen Atuhaire is a solutions-oriented ICT educationalist, who holds; a diploma in Computer Science with Education (DCS.ED), Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with Education(BCS.ED) and currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Educational policy and planning at Makerere University

Wamono Micheal is an ICT specialist and an instructor as well as an ICT teacher in secondary school holding a Bachelor Degree in Computer science and Information technology with a Diploma in CCNA networking academy with great skills in website designing and graphics designing

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