Great success and great turn up for Kolibri workshop!

Today Wednesday 16-06-2021 we successfully concluded our first two days of Kolibri workshops (which started on Tuesday 15, June and ended today) with a massive turn up from participants. Round of applause to all our participants who made it and attended these two-day workshops. We are happy to inform you that we registered about 35 teacher participants from our 28 secondary schools under our operation.

We continue to emphasize that with this second lockdown, schools should find ways of engaging learners who are home academically and reduce this continued learning loss! That’s why we thought of Kolibri E-platform in addition to our online lessons which we may conduct with the help of different video conferencing platforms such as zoom and google meet to mention but a few.

We are still promising our participants more workshops about the Kolibri eLearning platform so that we may have a grasp of the features and better use this platform to improve students learning. However, let us also share the links to Kolibri platforms with our learners and fellow teachers and also think about training our fellow teachers in other subject areas for effective use and implementation

But why Kolibri? 

Kolibri E-learning platform is an adaptable set of open solutions specially developed to support learning for the half of the world without internet access ( Kolibri platform has a great pool of resources that learners and teachers can access for self-study and research purposes in various subjects. We want to introduce this because our teachers and learners may need to use this E-learning platform during the lockdown and even after in schools. Kolibri can be utilized with or without the internet! Kolibri is free!. This is therefore a reason why we are recommending Kolibri for our schools.

We have our next workshops scheduled for next week. We continue to thank you for your continued attendance and still hope to share with you come next week. Details of the workshop shall be availed and you may always check on our website.

Remember to stay safe!

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