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Given the direction and trend we are taking in this global village, teachers and students at all levels need to be equiped with knowledge and skills about educational technology. With lessons from Covid 19, the education sector needs to view educational technology as a vital tool for this modern education and the new normal.

It should be noted that learners registered (and are still registering) the highest level of learning loss as a result of the pandermic simply because not much attention was given to the  integration of ICT in our education system. It is therefore high time we proactively built capacity to deal with educational technology in our institutions of learning.

Embrace and Implement educational technology in schools

There is a need for schools to rethink the mode of teaching in this era. Adopting and effectively implementing the use of technology in education system comes with several benefits such as encouraging a more distinct learning opportunities and environment for students and teachers, enabling content expertise among teachers, creating digital teachers and also making curriculum implementation more easy and meaningful in schools.

Our aim is to help ICT teachers and the learners to aquire ICT skills and knowledge in line with the Subsidiary ICT and Computer studies curriculum for secondary schools.

Enjoy our online services through a group of our TEAM.

ICT teachers during workshop training

We support teachers in the following ways

a) Trainings. We train train ICT teachers both online and also face to face workshops. Thus our website provides you with more knowledge and skills through our learning materials, inquring, participating in our online workshops and different gatherings. Our aim is to ensure that teachers are able to deliver well in schools.

b) Networking and sharing amongst teachers. We also encourage teachers to connect to one another and share ideas.

c) ICT videos. There are a lot of ICT tutorials (in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access) for both students and teachers. We encourage you to Watch, learn and share with others

d) Materials for ICT lessons. You can have leaning materials through our website, via youtube and facebook, as well as contacting us for more materials .

Our support to students

a) We encourage the students to learn ICT skills practically

b) Teach them how to use ICT videos for self learning

c) Engage the students in productive hands-on competitions with the aim of improving the skills

d) We also encourage self learning



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