Understanding the ICT/Computer studies syllabus in line with Examination format.

Assessment is one of the most important aspect of every education system of a country as it helps the educators and curriculum implementers gather relevant feedback about the progress, performance and achievement of their learners. With assessment, curriculum implementers are able to measure how effective their teaching is in line with learners progress, performance and achievement. Its upon this background that we thought and decided to have a change in our workshop topics to this special workshop.  

Special Invitation

As we do the learning and sharing on the subject content, it is also important that we understand the subject syllabus as well. We therefore invite you to attend our online workshop about "Understanding the ICT/Computer studies syllabus in line with UNEB's Examination format"This is scheduled for this Tuesday (13th-07-2021) and Wednesday (14th-07-2021) from 8:00am to 9:00am. We shall have one of the most experienced ICT/Computer studies teacher as well as a UNEB examiner. Mr. Lubowa Bob who has vast knowledge and experience in this subject will be our session facilitator for the two days. Links for joining the workshop will be sent to you and remember to keep time. Looking forward to seeing you there! NOTE: After this workshop, we shall continue with as workshops as planned.            

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