This page contains tutorials for Google Account. Watch and learn how to create and use Gmail in simple steps.

How to create Gmail Account

In this video, you will learn and create your own Gmail Account immediately you watch this tutorial!. All in simple steps

02 Customize theme for Email Account

You will be in position to beautify your Gmail account with great and nice themes. Just have a glance on this video! Wish you the best

03 How to Upload and set profile picture on Email Account

If you have been finding challenges with setting up your email account profile picture, all is covered for you now... Watch in simple steps how you can get your profile picture uploaded and set!

04 File attachment in Emails

In this tutorial you will be able to learn how to attach all types of files to your email for sending to your recipients. Watch theĀ  video for guidance.

06 How to create labels in Gmail

Learn how to create labels and get your email messages in the inbox sorted and organized. Watch these ICT skills in simple steps!

07 Set Automated Reply on Your Gmail Account

Learn how to set automated replies on your Gmail account even when you are in a vacation or leave. It is important to let people know that you are not in office. Watch this video for guidance.

08 Customize your signature on Gmail Account

In this video you are going to learn how to customize your contact or personal information at the end of all your outgoing messages (Emails).

05 How to delete sent emails

Learn how to delete sent email messages in case you send them to wrong recipients. Watch and learn in simple steps