Understanding the Subsidiary ICT syllabus Workshop.

We wish to thank all of you so much for the massive turn up in the recently concluded workshop on assessment which focused on "Understanding the ICT/Computer studies syllabus in line with UNEB's Examination format". Since this workshop was majorly focused on the O'level computer studies syllabus, many members demanded that we also have a workshop specifically for A'level ICT syllabus!. This to us is always great news that we want to learn from each other and therefore, we had to go back to our drawing board and adjust on our programs in favour of the majority voices. A round of applause to you all!   It is from this high demand and request that we once again invite you to attend another special workshop which will focus on the Subsidiary ICT syllabus. This workshop will be conducted online and the facilitator remains Mr. Lubowa Bob.  

The topic of the workshop shall be "Understanding the Subsidiary ICT syllabus in line with UNEB's Examination format"

Workshop Dates are set for Tuesday 20th.07.2021 and Wednesday 21st. 07.2021 next week. Individual participants may decide to join the workshop sessions on one of the two days indicated herein. Sessions will start at exactly 8:00am and end at 9:00am, therefore, participants are encouraged to join the meeting in time.   Links for joining the workshop will be sent to you. Looking forward to seeing you there! Regards. Workshop organizers

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