Windows 7 Basics

This tutorial introduces you to the basics of Windows interface. Watch and learn in simple steps

Remove unnecessary files with disk cleanup utility

This video will take you through the simple steps of how to remove Unnecessary files and folders from your PC and be able to gain more disk space for other storage purposes

Deleting temporary files from your PC

Temporary files on your PC tend to take up storage space for your computer. This challenge is solved in this video!. Learn in simple steps how to get rid of these temporary files and folders and gain more disk space for your data storage.

Creating Zipped folders in Windows 10 simplified

Learn in simple steps how to create zipped folders and files and make it easy and quick to share you files between computers; and remember that with zipped folders and files, less storage space is taken up.

Alarms and clock app on Windows 10 Get reminded

It is pretty nice to work as planned, this can be done when some reminders are set. Learn how to set reminders using your PC and get notified by your PC as per time set. Watch this video for guidance.

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