Field visits and ICT progress in schools

From Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 May 2021, we had several successful visits to schools and interacted with school authorities and ICT teachers about the progress of ICT implementation in their respective schools, we are happy to inform you that schools are doing their best for the ICT department.

We, therefore, wish to thank our colleagues from Kasiiso SS, Nakitoma SS, Migyera Progressive SS, Nakasongola SS, Nalongo SS, Ngoma SS, Kiwoko SS, Kiwoko Lab and Kiwoko Nursing school, Luteete SS, Mpigi SS, and Kalere SS for the commitment and great work you are doing for your schools and students as far as ICT / computer studies teaching is concerned.

The teachers are doing great work also in implementing the New Lower Secondary Curriculum as was revealed during our visits to their respective schools that they are implementing the New curriculum in senior one.

In our visit, we managed to reach out to these 12 schools and interacted with specifically ICT teachers to find out how they are progressing with  teaching ICT/Computer studies. We shared many great ideas with the teachers. Some of these ideas included teaching learners in small groups, encouraging learners to learn and use video tutorials for self-learning, engaging learners in discussion groups, use of Kolibri platform for learning etc.  We also visited their computer laboratories; computers in the labs were well taken care of. We can reveal that despite some challenges such as few computers, power issues, and high students' numbers compared to the number of computers in the laboratories, our teachers have continued to ensure the teaching of the learners. Other teachers engage students with the help of video tutorials for self-learning and others do teach their learners in small groups. Let us continue with this great spirit!

Here are some of the photos taken during our visits in schools

A student at Migyera Progressive SS practicing

A Senior Two student at Migyera Progressive practicing

Interacting with Mr. Opio, Mr. Ayikolo and Ms. Nakiganda at Kiwoko Nursing school

Kasiiso students having hands on activity

Mr. Katumba making some connections in Kalere SS computer Lab

Interacting with Mr. Mubiru and school secretary in the computer lab at Mpigi SS

Interacting with Mr. Mubiru in the computer lab at Kiwoko SS

Mr. Mubyedo making some connections in the lab at Migyera Progressive SS

Mr. Ssendegeya in Luteete SS computer lab

Mr. Namisi in Nakasongola SS computer lab

A student in Kasiiso SS demonstrating during a practical lesson

A student at Kasiiso SS demonstrating during a practical lesson

Mr. Ssebagala in Ngoma SS computer lab

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